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Epic Car Driving Simulator

Epic Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator in 2020, thanks to its sophisticated real physics engine....


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Epic Car Driving Simulator is the best car simulator in 2020, thanks to its sophisticated real physics engine. Now you can drive, drift and feel free of charge a racing sports car!
The best simulator car driving game of 2020 comes with the most realistic driving dynamics, infinite customization, vast open world, addictive gameplay and endless fun!Epic Car Driving Simulator incorporates realism and enjoyable driving physics to create the best mobile car driving simulator with advanced car driving physics engine. The best simulator for cars
Be a furious racer for you all over a city.No need to brake due to traffic or other rival vehicles, so you can take illegal stunt actions and run full speed without being chased by the police!
It had never been so fun to drift fast and make burnouts! Burn this open-world city's asphalt!Game Features new: checkpoint mode for the mini game. You can shut them off as well!Explore an open-world environment in depth.Real damage to the car. Crash your vehicle!Precise mechanics.Guide your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
With the best physics to drive! All types of vehicles have their own mechanics, from race cars to off-road SUVs!Customization Build your own car and show off your style! With this game, you can create your own dream car from countless vinyls to car parts. Imagination is the only limit for you! You're waiting for serious customization!Open World Map Great open map of the world.Creatively designed to test and provide the best gameplay experience for your intense car driving skills. Epic Car Driving Simulator comes with the largest open world map with a very detailed landscape from cities to deserts. Travel with your SUV in the endless off-road zone and witness the most practical mobile off-road driving experience.The Best Sond Effects Every sound.To give the player the best feeling, all the sounds are taken from real cars. Each car has its own special sound captured from real racing cars, from the best racing car sound to the burning offroad engines!The best graphics Using advanced graphics technology, Ultimate Simulator now offers the most realistic and deepest 3D graphics ever on the smartphone. You're going to have a it's difficult to distinguish between your extreme cars and reality!Racing cars, off-road vehicles, SUVs, tuner cars, muscle cars, 4WD vehicles, etc. Choose your favorite vehicle in a giant open world map and do whatever you want to do!Epic Car Driving Simulator with your feedback will be updated regularly. Do not forget to leave your input with a check.

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Jan. 8, 2020

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