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Display Clock On Lockscreen, Digital Clock Themes

Say goodbye to the extremely boring default clock on sleep screen, now you can change the look of the clock di...


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Say goodbye to the extremely boring default clock on sleep screen, now you can change the look of the clock display on lock screen 🕛 with unique style. In addition, you can use many other utilities built into the digital clock wallpaper theme application. Let's explore the great points that the digital clock themes application will bring you!

Features of the clock for lock screen app
1. Automated rules: custom when the clock lock screen wallpaper app works:
- Set time to stop the large clock display for lock screen app
- Set the start time and end time to activate the digital clock for lock screen application
- Allow the digital clock on lock screen app to be active while charging
- The clock on lock screen application works for each level of the battery

2. Gestures and shortcuts
- Set up action to:
Open the screen
Show drawings and screen drawings
Display time, notification, battery
Turn on/off the flashlight
- Simulate Home button on the digital clock with date and time display
- Stop display clock on lockscreen when using camera

3. Display
- Customize digital clock lockscreen style and themes clock lock screen
- Select the type of day, battery on live clock wallpaper lock screen
- Choose the font, font size, and text color on digital clock show always on screen after lock
- Weather information on watch on lock screen
- Set up a memo on the clock wallpaper for lock screen to not forget what to do
- Orientation screen: horizontal/vertical
- Show play/pause/skip buttons while playing music on clock on lockscreen
- Show the date on the clock display at screen off mode

4. Behavior
- Show notifications from other apps
- Simulated LED notification shows the flashing icon on the top of screen when the message is received
- Wake up the screen when you receive a notification
- Shake or pick up the phone to turn on the display
- Reduce battery consumption with battery saving mode
- Automatically dims the screen when in dark environment
- Lock your phone when it's in your pocket to save battery power
- Automatically move clock widget for lock screen

With so many add-ons that the display clock on screen application brings, we believe you will be extremely pleased to use this live clock lockscreen.

If you have any comments about the clock lock screen apps, please comment below. We appreciate your comments on how to improve your lock screen off clock on display app with the desire to bring the best experience to your users. Do not forget to rate 5* clock live wallpaper for lock screen to support our efforts!

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Oct. 1, 2022

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