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Player One Golf : Nine Hole Golf

Player One Golf is a single player golf game where you will play against AI competition. Starting off on the A...


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Player One Golf is a single player golf game where you will play against AI competition. Starting off on the Amateur Golf Tour, earn your way onto the Pro Tour by winning events, earning sponsors and having more points that your competitors each season.

As you play, you will earn skills in Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, Putting Accuracy and Ball Spin. Skills can also be purchased and are good for the life of the game. Any skill purchase can be used on every golfer you create on your device.

/*** Game Notes ***\
You have 10 seasons with each golfer you create to earn as much as possible. Then submit your score to the online leader boards.

Finishing in the top 10 on the Amateur Tour will allow you to play on the Pro Tour the following season.

Finishing in the bottom 5 on the Pro Tour will demote you back to the Amateur Tour.

Earn Google Play Achievements as you play the game.

The game contains in-game ads (only 2 per course), but any purchase (starting at $0.99) removes all ads and gives you skill power ups.

/*** Game Tips ***\

All clubs besides putter:
Shot Power all the way to the left is 100% power.
Shot Power all the way to the right is 50% power.

The distance the ball will roll is indicated on the the meter, (This assumes a flat surface, if you're putting up hill, you will need to hit it harder, down hill, softer).

Swipe UP or DOWN to put spin on the ball. Try to put spin on as many shots as possible, as this build your SPIN skill.

Hitting the ball with Max Power will build your POWER skill more quickly.

Don't forget to set sponsors, some give a flat amount and some offer a percentage of your winnings.

Tap the INFO button or SETTINGS wheel where available to learn more.

/*** Tech Notes ***\
Have removed background music at this time, the game engine is putting out poor sound quality on certain devices. Will need to override the engine and have the native device play the audio.

Android 11 users (FIXED): Android 11 and Unity for Android are not playing nicely in terms of the virtual keyboard. This is creating an issue with the keyboard not displaying. We created a virtual keyboard that doesn't use the phones built in keyboard.
/*** End Tech Notes ***\

Thanks for playing!

Last update

Feb. 22, 2021

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