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Camera ClickMe

First app to let you take your own picture or with a friend automatically, with voice guided prompts to help p...

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First app to let you take your own picture or with a friend automatically, with voice guided prompts to help position the camera to best fit yourself inside a configurable view frame using innovative face detection technology. Lets you get ready with the perfect smile to get that PERFECT photo Add any of HUNDREDS of funny or themed shapes on your photo, annotate with rich text captions, or decorate with one of several frames.

Concentrate on that perfect pose instead of getting yourself in the frame.

**** Handpicked App on Yappler ****

iPhoneography says: "Over all this is one of the best and easiest to use self-portrait apps currently available for the iPhone, as it ensures you get your shot everytime.
What I really like about this app is the way it talks to you whilst taking a self portrait, telling you to move your iPhone, up, down, left or right, and then saying "smile" just before snapping your photo"

What Users are saying:
*** more crappy self portraits***
*** Genius ****
*** Must Have App ***
*** Fun with photos. Perfect for the holidays ***

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No more ugly close-ups, surprised expressions, half faces, face stuck in a corner or fuzzy because of a shake. Let "Camera ClickMe" take your photo for you and get a perfect photo every time!!

Unlike other apps using face detection technology, which just take a photo without any feedback, this one is unique in:

- letting you define your expected position in the photo

- 2 face mode lets you take you and your friend together

- asks you to "smile" before it clicks to get the best picture you would want giving you time to get ready for the picture.

- gives you voice feedback to move the phone to the best position to get the photo to fit the frame you want.

- checks for shakes and stabilizes your final picture

- 2 face mode to capture you and your friends together.

- Stabilization mode to prevent photo shaking.

- Voice prompts guide you to fit your face accurately in a customizable frame.

- Portrait and Landscape mode capture.

- Text annotations for captions with a library of colorful text objects:
- Thought & speeech bubbles
- Plain text on transparent background.

- Shapes to decorate your photos
- Emoticons, Balloons & dozens of others

- Face Accessories
- Mustaches
- Beards and Goatees
- Masks
- Sunglasses and Frames

- Photo frames: to frame your valuable pictures.

- Facebook integration: Share your funny captions or your face decorations with your friends.

- Decorate not just self portraits but any photo and share with your friends.

- Use it as a mirror to see how you appear.

- Email your photo creations to your friends.

How to Use
Select Face Capture mode or manual Capture or Load from Camera Roll

In face capture mode the phone beeps until it detects a face in the frame, after which you are prompted to move the phone left, right, up, down or farther to fit your face accurately in the frame. Once it fits it will prompt you to smile and get ready for the picture.

When capturing 2 people, select the Two Faces option.

After the photo is taken you can add text captions, shapes and frames and save it locally, email, or publish to Facebook.

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Aug. 25, 2015

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