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Hospital Rounds

Hospital Rounds is an application designed to make it simple, fast, and convenient for doctors, nurses, and ot...

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Hospital Rounds is an application designed to make it simple, fast, and convenient for doctors, nurses, and other medical specialists to keep track of hospital patients or other patient groups on whom they need to make rounds, finish dictations, log billing information, transmit billing information back to the office, and sign out to call coverage. The following list summarizes the main features of Hospital Rounds:

Simple user interface designed to operate with a minimum of keystrokes.
Uncluttered screen using background colors to show patient status at a glance (see color explanations below).
Audio notes (unlimited length) as well as keyboard notes (300 character maximum).
WiFi transfer of all file types to allow importing and exporting from and to desktop or laptop computers.
SignOut database files which include Patient Information plus Audio and Keyboard notes.
Ability to import SignOut Patient Lists from your partners directly into your patient listings when you are on call.
Ability to create Billing Information in several file as well as EMail formats.
Direct EMail of patient Billing Information back to your office.
Editable table listing of CPT Codes and Descriptions for rapid entry of billing information.
Options for password protection and default settings.
Full Help file included with user instructions.

Rounds uses background color coding to indicate a number of useful bits of information. The following listings indicate the color meanings:

Rounds Patients Table:
Red - Not yet seen
Orange - Not yet seen, appended SignOut
Yellow - Seen but not dictated
Green - Seen and dictated
Grey - Marked for Hiding
White - No notes
Green - Keyboard Note Only
Yellow - Audio Note only
Red - Both Keyboard and Audio Notes

Services Table:
Red - Not yet dictated
Green - Dictated
Red - Billing information not yet sent
Green - Billing information sent

Select Options - Help to read a detailed explanation of how the program functions.

A brief disclaimer is probably in order. This program is not meant to be an Electronic Medical Record. There is no structured input for medical information. Keyboard and Audio notes are meant for reminders regarding the patients being followed, but are not meant to keep detailed or permanent records. Usually we export our database about once a week just in case it is needed for future reference, but as patients are discharged and all billing information has been sent the patient records are usually permanently deleted from the database. For this reason patients and diagnoses are not sorted alphabetically. Records are sorted by location alphabetically, which keeps patients at the same location clustered together in the table to make it easier to see that they have all been seen location by location.

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