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sEFix (lag reduction)

A simple entropy fixer for ROOTED ([](


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A simple entropy fixer for ROOTED ([]( devices (non-root devices can also check their entropy).

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NOTE: Non-rooted devices can search this web for root instructions [](

NOTE2: Usually a value of 128 or 256 should be enough for many smartphones, but you can safely test with higher values.


On some (older) versions of Android, the JVM (and other components) often read random data from the blocking /dev/random, which has a low entropy by default, causing that some processes block themselves waiting for new data generation with a greater entropy. On newer builds, this problem has been solved, yet depletion of the input entropy pool still seems to slow devices.

So this fix seems to reduce some lag in the Android OS (XDA thread: []( )

However, the initial post makes some changes that are a little 'artificial', so I just created an app that applies a more 'natural' method based on this post: ( []( )

It just modifies the system's wakeup threshold to update /dev/random values when the entropy is too low and it's completely reversible.


Permissions explanation:

android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE -> for ad banner.

android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -> for applying the fix on boot if the user want. -> for the donations system

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