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Aircraft Fighter - Combat War

Hey Pilot! It’s an action call for air combat jet fighter games. Get on to the hot seat of cockpit to take con...


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Hey Pilot! It’s an action call for air combat jet fighter games. Get on to the hot seat of cockpit to take control of a World War 2 jet fighter airplane reaching the skyline to strike afflicting enemy ship carrier and airplanes in this free 3D airforce war game.

Control room has suspected routing F16 jet fighter planes and unknown combat ships hovering around our navy bases at islands in deep sea. It might be a black covert air attack by the outlaw liberation army to dent our air force carrier and battleships. You need to be there on time to counter this air raid plus stimulating attack on enemy for this brutal force as you are a skilled F16 flight simulator pilot. Hordes of enemy jet awacs planes accompanied by navy combat ships will be after you to destroy your dominance but you have to respond and strike back hard with targeted missile and bombs proving you as an elite aircraft avion pilot.

Jet Fighter - Plane Fighting 3D Games War

You are an elite member of Call Of Duty and an experienced pilot in jet fighting games. Get your airplane ready as your country need your war tactics and air fighting skills in this time of WW2. The enemy planes are equipped with missile, air gunners and bombs, the opponent soldiers are first attacked and gun down a passenger airliner plane to start the war, there were no survivals and all the passengers and crew died during the crash.

It's time to sung the song of Mayday, reload air guns and missiles, fasten seat belts and get ready for the invasion warfare. Your fellow battalion has fought hard until the glory of death have captured them. The naval and air backup are on their way until then you are alone with your F16 Raptor aircraft jetliner jet.

Take the flight once and keep on moving aircraft through sky. This series of air assault missions will take you to the different island environments defending your base from air raid and naval enemies.


Aircraft Fighter - Combat War is updated to become one of the best jet fighter games of 2016 with 10 levels of extreme F16 VS F18 dogfights, aerial combats, jet fighter VS tanks and helicopters. In every level, you have to destroy different aircraft aeronautic planes (F15, F16, F18, F22, Raptor, Douglas, McDonnell and other war planes )

Game Levels

The hostile army have captured one of the base of USAF, you are provided with a mission to destroy their gunship landing craft, warplane helicopters, underwater submarine and warship choppers using your elite military training and dogfight tactics. As soon your within the radar range of the opponent warship, you will be attacked with ballistic weapons i.e. missiles, gunfire, projectile rockets and anti aircraft gunners.

Save your avion jet from wreckage and avoid collision with any smoky flying threat. You will also have airstrike support from your gunship during this air combat mission. Destroy combatant planes, helicopters, choppers, gunship, warplanes and capture the nukes from destruction.

Game Features

- Fly WW2 war aircraft fighter plane
- Ten deadly air strike missions free
- Stunning 3D visual graphics
- Combat in advance cloud weather ambience
- Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)
- Advanced aircraft flight simulation controls
- Battle ambience sound effects
- Extreme battle insanity with airstrike and naval ship destruction

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June 18, 2018

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