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Warship Battle Craft: Naval War Game of Crafting

Take a cube WW2 to a sea with Warship Battle Craft - one of the new World War 2 games! Craft a battleship, bui...


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Take a cube WW2 to a sea with Warship Battle Craft - one of the new World War 2 games! Craft a battleship, build a fleet and expand your naval empire to the whole cube world!

Command a warship of the past
Remember the WW2 games played by warring powers on a sea? Now you can craft & build your own warship to join the naval warfare! Strike an immediate blow or send a lite recon team for some discovery, combat and exploration. Mine resources, craft from blocks and prepare for a warship battle! Build an unstoppable warship, which now you can only see in a historical WW2 movies! Only in Warship Battle Craft naval war game!

Crafting & building on a sea
War is about resources and that’s why exploration part of our game shouldn’t be taken lite. Does your warship need a better armor? Weapon? Explore the remote island & craft from hidden resources. Before you enter ship vs ship battle, make sure to plan your warship attack. Maybe it’s not a war strategy game, but still you shouldn’t order your naval fleet an all-out attack like in some simple warship simulator.

Naval war game like never before
Warship Battle Craft isn’t only about crafting & building. Battleship attack is a matter of time, so when this warfare… Strike first! Start your naval war game attacking enemy warship. Battle like this can give you thrills! Don’t let your opponent play any war games - sink him in a ship vs ship battle and then take the sea warfare into his own naval empire! Begin a full-scale warfare and strike any ground target. The result of a naval war game is up to you and your warship!

Sandbox cube world in a pixel art style
You can find many naval war games with graphics so great it will kill your mobile device. Instead of wasting time, try our Warship Battle Craft with lite, pixel art style. Enjoy the sandbox cube world full of resource to mine. Build & craft. Explore. Survive. Expand your naval empire in one of the best game for boys of 2017! War game for a true men - not some fishing games with lite crafting & building!

» Blocky world - build a warship from blocks and expand your naval empire!
» Warship crafting & building. Mine resources and build a ship!
» Endless customization. Additional armor? Gun? Craft it?
» Ship vs ship battles. Engage in large combat on a sea with full firepower!
» Ship vs ground target battles. Destroy every building on an enemy territory!
» Pixel art graphics. Cube world has never looked so cool!
» No wifi required! Survival, crafting, building & exploration adventure at its best!

» Multi Craft - a multiplayer mode for ship vs ship battles.
» More blocks. Craft & build an even more powerful weapon to expand your naval empire faster!
» Action-packed missions. Enjoy a war story of a navy commando who has to take down a battleship captain armed only with a hand gun. Craft his destiny!

Warship Battle Craft provides you the best World War 2 games experience mixed with crafting and exploration adventure of a blocky cube world. What else would you expect from a candidate for a title of battle game of the year 2017? DOWNLOAD NOW and take WW2 sea battle to your mobile device FOR FREE!

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July 16, 2019

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