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Showtimes Pakistan

Showtimes is Pakistan's first movie schedules app with the most comprehensive movie showtimes from all major c...


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Showtimes is Pakistan's first movie schedules app with the most comprehensive movie showtimes from all major cinemas across Pakistan.

Check out movie schedules for the week, watch trailers, pick the movie you want to watch and buy tickets without leaving the comfort of you home. Download Showtimes today to complete your movie experience.

Purchase Tickets:

- Purchase tickets from within the app and chose from different payment options including Credit Cards and Cash on Delivery.
- Select your seat preference
- Showtimes has over a dozen cinemas available for ticketing

Browse Movies and Showtimes:

- Get run times, synopsis, cast, director lists, IMDb ratings, Metascore and more.
- Watch high-quality trailers
- Share showtimes by sending an email to friends.
- Find out what movies are coming to a cinema near you in the future

Find Cinemas:

- See cinema locations on a map
- Call cinemas directly from the app

Showtimes currently covers movie schedules from the following cinemas:


- Atrium Cinema
- Cinegold Plex
- Capri Cinema
- Cinepax Ocean Mall
- Mega Multiplex Cinema
- Nuplex Cinema


- CineGold
- CineGold Plex
- Cinepax Fortress Cinema
- Cinepax Lake City
- Cinepax Amanah Mall
- Cinepax Packages Mall
- CineStar Cinema
- CineStar Ali Trade Center
- Cinestar Xinhua Mall
- DHA Cinema
- Imperial Cinemas
- Luxus Grand Cinema
- PAF Cinema
- Prince Cinema
- Shabistan Cinema
- Sozo World Cinema
- Super Cinema Royal Palm
- Super Cinema Vogue Towers
- The Arena Orchard
- Universal Cinema - Emporium Mall


- Centaurus Cineplex
- Islamabad Club


- CineGold Plex Cinema
- Cinepax Jinnah Park
- CInepax Giga Mall
- JFC Cineplex
- The Arena


- CineOne Cinema
- Cine Nagina Cinema
- Cinepax Hotel One
- Taj Mahal Multiplex


- Cine Mehfil Cinema
- Super Cinema
- Cinepax Mall of Sialkot


- Cinepax Cinema
- Zinco Cinema
- The Opera 3D


- Super Cinema
- Cinepax


- CineStar Cinema
- Dreamland Cinema
- Universal Cinemas


- Cine Moosh
- Cinepax


- Shaheen IMGC Multiplex Cinema

Mandi Bahauddin

- IMGC Multiplex

Please note that movie schedules are updated every Friday and Monday. Cinemas reserve the right to change movie schedules without notice. Please confirm movie schedules by calling cinemas directly through the app.

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June 15, 2019

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