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Search Quick

Search Quick Search quick app lets you find and launch all apps for free and without permission. All you ...


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Search Quick

Search quick app lets you find and launch all apps for free and without permission. All you gave to do is just type in some characters of the app that you’re looking for on your device and it brings it out with its incredible fast searching feature. Usually, you just have to type in just three characters not necessarily all the letters that’s constitutes the name of the app. This app doesn’t take up much space, it just takes about 60kb of the memory space. You can choose from several themes that are available to make it look just how you’d love it to look. Themes like: transparent, light, dark, etc. You launch the app with just a single click but if you held it down for a long time, some options will pop up. These options are:

1. Open the app Google Play.
2. View the App details
3. Set the app as a notification for faster searching access at a later.

* Friendly user interface.
* Automatically completes search queries.
* Easiest choice of service as search engine.
* Easy access to history for recently visited websites.
* You can swipe toggle in between opened tabs in the browser.

Search quick app with its app search feature lets you browse on your device and the internet using a single app with fast and easy access to all on your device.
With our friendly user interface and it’s faster searching, you can search, navigate and activate all on your phone. You can do things like:

* Have easy access to your applications.
* Find contacts.
* Go through your messages.
* Find apps on Google Play.
* Search for music in your collection.
* Supports various languages and countries. The search engines will automatically adapt when you easily change the settings within the app.
* Weather Forecast.
* It is very fast to start up and contains no intrusive permissions.

Search Quick app is a lightweight and faster searching App to easily search the web. It lets you have shortcuts to many applications and websites, and also has a Widget for your Home Screen.

NOTE: Installation to SD Card is not available for this this app simply because it stops the Widgets from working properly.

Furthermore, Search Quick app allows you to web/internet search and gives suggestions based on your search.

Last update

Nov. 29, 2018

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