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Find from the owner, for sale and for rent real estate ads around you! Metrekare’s free Android application m...


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Find from the owner, for sale and for rent real estate ads around you!

Metrekare’s free Android application makes you find your new for sale or for rent home easier. Providing mobile-based features, Metrekare helps you to find for sale and for rent ad choices without wasting any time and improves your real estate searching experience. You can reach ads from the owner and from real estate agents. In addition, you can easily add from the owner ad, edit ad and publish your house ad.

Search on Map - Find your home on the map. Easily search for your for sale or for rent house and see the exact locations of the ads that fit your criteria, both from the owner and from real estate agent.
Draw your own search - Thanks to Draw&Search feature, you can trace desired locations on a map and keep the focus of your search on a specific area. During your search on map, activate the Draw&Search feature and draw your desired area by your finger. Then, your desired ads in the specific area will remain in the ad list view and on the map.
Agencies Around You - Reach the real estate offices right around you, see their locations on the map. Reach for sale and for rent ads directly from the source.
Save your Search - Save the filters of your search and let us inform you when a matching ad is added.
Offline Favorites List - Add the best ad to your Favorites List and see for sale and for rent ad separately. You can reach this list while you have no internet connection, and see the details you may need.
• Battery-Friendly GPS - Metrekare uses battery more efficiently than the other Apps with GPS.
Share Listings - Share the home ad you like with others via e-mail or on social media.
See properties of for sale and for sale real estate ads on single page. Call numbers on from the owner ads with one click or you can send a message to ads owner to ask any
Thousands of homes, apartments and real estate ads are on Metrekare. Your dream home, real estate, jet speed guaranteed…
Apartment, Dublex Apartment, Residence, Single Family Home,Villa, Farm House, Mansion, Waterside Residence, Summer House, Coop, Chalet, Prefabricated House and Timeshare etc. are every types of real estate ads that you can easily find through Metrekare.
Choose the region you are interested directly, instead of selecting city, district and neighborhood (e.g Bursa / Orhangazi / Hürriyet Mahallesi ) for for sale and for rent ads.

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