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HSC Multiple Choice

I've changed my mind. This app will be free forever. This app is mainly aimed at HSC students who wish to pra...


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I've changed my mind. This app will be free forever.

This app is mainly aimed at HSC students who wish to practice their knowledge through past paper multiple choice questions. It contains every possible multiple choice question from every possible past paper and subject in the HSC.


Offline Use - This app can be used without any internet access
Flexible Options - Choose the amount of time you want to spend on a question, or even how many questions you want to do
Simplistic and Holo UI - Everything is super simple and easy to use. Select your options, and swipe sideways through questions.
Every HSC Subject - That's right. Every single HSC subject which has multiple choice questions is readily available on this app.
Every multiple choice question - Every single year of HSC has been covered by this application
• No permissions required - This app requires no special permissions to be installed
Extensive feedback system - Has a table listing the correct answers compared to the answer you entered


There are a few bugs which I already know about, and will fix when time is available
Timer resets when the screen mode is changed (portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait)
The dialog box shows you the time you have used in seconds, rather than in a logical MM:SS format
Landscape mode in a few views removes the visibility of some buttons


Everything in this application is directly from past HSC papers, all rights are reserved by the original content holders. For any complaints or inquiries please contact me through my website: []( and I will apply ASAP.


To report any bugs, please contact me through my website: [](
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