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Tutorials & mixes. HookahGusto

Learn how to make hookah tasting it's best with HookahGusto app! Have you ever had a harsh smoke and headach...


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Learn how to make hookah tasting it's best with HookahGusto app!
Have you ever had a harsh smoke and headache after hookah session? In this app you will find the tutorials that help to avoid such a bad experience. You will find how to choose a hookah, how to prepare it like a pro and what flavors to mix.

From 13 tutorials in the app you will learn:

Hookah construction and accessories
How to choose a hookah in a shop
What hookah should you buy, big egyptian or small glass
What tobacco characteristics you should know
What types of bowls exist and how they differ
Which hookah coals you should prefer
What is classic packing, overpack and "packing with a ring"
How to make a foil windcover
Why heat management is so important
How to prepare an apple or orange bowl
How to clean your hookah

p.s. in tutorials we do not cover topic of health risks but don't deny that smoking has negative health effects


Nakhla tobacco mixes
✔ Al Fakher tobacco mixes
Tangiers tobacco mixes
Best flavors combinations from Doobacco company
Special mixes with Hookafina tobacco from Nargilia company
Special mixes from Hookah Boss (popular video channel about hookah)


★★★★★ "Rich database of hundreds of interesting mixes, good looking UI"
★★★★★ "The app is very clean and straight forward not complicated at all."
★★★★★ "Very fun app. Nice to have some fresh ideas."


Keep a list of your hookah flavors
Search mixes in the database with thousands recipes
Rate shisha mixes after trying them
Mark mixes as favorite
Share shisha mixes with friends
Use popular tobacco flavors, such as Tangiers, Al Fakher, Nakhla, Starbuzz, Doobacco, Hookafina, Fumari, Shiazo, Golden Layalina and Afzal
Enjoy the application’s nice design
Languages: English, Russian


I first tried smoking hookah (not electronic) 4 years ago with friends. It was not very tasty, the smoke was harsh, but my friends did not know how to make it better. Then I found an internet forum about hookahs and began to study the experience of other people. After month of reading forum, I already had an idea of what the heat resistance of tobacco is, what is the difference between phunnel and vortex bowl and why quick lighting coals is not the best choice. Taste of my hookahs became stably good. Then, when various tobaccos have been tried, it was interesting to do mixes, combine different flavors. On forums and social networks there were many mixes, but searching for them before every hookah session was exhausting. So I made the first version of the app with a large mixes database and ability to search through them and rate.
In the current version of HookahGusto were added new mixes from professional hookahmans and hookah companies, as well as instructions for beginners, explaining the basic principles and the subtleties necessary to prepare tasty hookahs. Homemade hookahs are as good as ones in lounge or cafe and cheap.
I really hope that this knowledge, being collected in one convenient app, will be useful for both beginner and professional hookah fans!
Have a thick smoke and "Pass the hookah" like Tyga sings :)

Volodymyr Kozieiev, author of HookahGusto.



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June 3, 2018

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