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Snow Icy Cone Maker: Ice candy Making Adventure

Beat the heat in this Summer! Sunny days are here & you kids, girls and boys need yummy flavor sundae ice...


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Beat the heat in this Summer!

Sunny days are here & you kids, girls and boys need yummy flavor sundae icecream & fresh lime drinks and chocolate milkshakes. So little chefs, join this perfect snowy game to create homemade icecreams to chill out in summer season. Those who crave for yummy flavor desserts and sundae icecream to fulfill their sweet tooth will love making their own summer cone in this ice dessert rose snowy game. Cooking such yummy flavor icecreams couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is get the ingredients and flip the machine on. Then watch your fruit yummy flavor turn into a rainbow sundae icecream!

Little sugary chef! Start making cooking soda cup by pouring a ball of will it snow ice into the cup. Pour the rose ice into snow shaving machine, then crush it until its really fine & powder like in this cooking games. Shape it just right, you want to make sure it looks good from the start! Add cool yummy flavor syrups and icecreams to your snow cone, then get ready to decorate. When you are happy with you summer cone, you start scooping your sundae icecream, once you have shaped yummy flavor icecreams, sugary chefs! choose favorite flavor and add it to the treat. Pick any kind you like, or mix them all together to make an amazing cone dessert new addition to snow family! Add decorations to your treat and it becomes a work of art!

Sugary chef! Relive the fun with you own snow summer cone. Yummy flavor icecreams, chocolate milkshakes with cone dessert and soda cup with sundae icecream in this ice cream games during this summer season. Decorate your soda cup icecreams with fruity toppings and make snow cone summers for your friends and family. The gameplay includes the homemade recipe for making snow cones. Multiple flavors, Different add-ons and toppings. Real-time summer treat with cold ice cone dessert.

Add decorations to your yummy flavor icecreams & let the fun begin with this snow game.

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