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Warship Commander

"Warship Commander", you can use English, Simplified Chinese or Thai language to play. Surge the power over th...


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"Warship Commander", you can use English, Simplified Chinese or Thai language to play. Surge the power over the ocean in this top strategic game. Enjoy the battle striving for the strait in the storm. Slam out fun of Real Time Battle. Create your kingdom of majestic marine with aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered deadly submarines, ultra-compact defensive torpedo array. What are you waiting for, man? Outbreak the desire in your heart, to dominate, to conquer, to destroy all you dislike. Start your journey, found your super fleet!
Game Features:
1.Perfectly Restore the Battlefield of World War II
    It is a background of World War II filled with plunder without sympathy and tears. Make each level become the battlefield of World War II which recorded the most tragic memory of human. Stage of attacking the Pearl Harbor, Midway War, Normandy Landing are waiting for you to challenge;
2.Performance of Wisdom and Strategy
    You are not omnipotent even you are very rich. Show your wisdom of strategy to form the most powerful fleet. Build the strongest supply base, set a perfect formation to be the top one among all teams and lead your partners to conquer the oceans all over the world;
3.New Plays of PVP&PVE
   Forget about the strategic game you’ve played before and come to experience the latest PVP battle! One on one PK, guild battle for resources and honor, all of these depend on not only your strategy, but also your core power of your whole team!
4.Top Equipment and Fitting System
    Use your genius talent to transform your warships and build an invincible marine battle group. The flexible combination makes the eternal king. Don’t trust about once for all, only keep going can obliterate all potential crisis.
    "Warship Commander" debuts with plenty of gifts! If you miss this moment, you will fall far behind others! What are you waiting for? Come! Hold a safe lead and advance bravely!--"Warship Commander"

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