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Bugtroid Pentesting FREE

:::::::::::::: ROOT NEEDED!! :::::::::::::: :::::::::::::: INTERNET NEEDED!! :::::::::::::: ANDROID VERSION...


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:::::::::::::: ROOT NEEDED!! ::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::: INTERNET NEEDED!! ::::::::::::::


Bugtroid is an innovative tool developed by the team of Bugtraq-Team.

The main features of this apk, is that it has more than 200 Android and Linux tools (PRO) for pentesting and forensics through its Smarthphone or tablet.

It has a menu categorized according to the nature of the tool may find:

- Anonymity
- Search People
- Audit for frequencies 802.11 (Wireless and Bluetooth)
- Mapping Networks
- Remote
- Sniffers
- Pentesting
- Security
- Forensic
- Web Analysis
- Cryptography
- Brute Force
- Antivirus
- System

From the application menu you can:

- Check the information on the tool.
- Install the application.
- Uninstall the Application.
- Run the Application (PRO)

also paragraph settings available, which will serve to manage and install certain requirements for the proper functioning of the tools as well as other fnciones:

- Set wallpaper
- Install the minimum requirements for running the tools
- Install shortcuts on the desktop (PRO)
- Install shortcuts Console (PRO)
- Installation of interpreters: Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP and Mysql (PRO)

Bugtraq team-Team can not be held responsible for the use to which it can be applied to these tools, or the contents thereof.

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July 15, 2014

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