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Money Lover is the app, available on all the Android devices, that lets you track your expenses directly on your mobile devices. Plan and keep track of your spending and personal income, set a budget limit and get push notification to be sure to exceed it, share your data with your family and much more. Download the app and try yourself!

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Award-wining Finance App

Best of 2017 App
Google Top Developer
Editors' Choice App 2018
Best of 2016 expense tracker & money manager app on Android.

Don’t ever let your money stress you out. Money Lover is the one simple personal finance app that helps you easily manage your money and keep track of your expense. You can stay on top of your budgets and bills anytime, anywhere.

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The Independent: Best Personal Finance app
Techuntold: Best budgeting app for money management
AppListo: Top 10 Apps for Expense Tracker
Bluestacks: A must have money manager app

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Best Money manager & Expense tracker: Keep track of your daily expenses, income and categorize them like Food, Gasoline, Repayment within seconds. It's the simplest money manager app on store.
Easy Budgeting: Set budgets that are easy to stick to, based on your own spending habits. Use Budget Forecast to predict your future expense so you can adjust quickly.
The whole picture in one place: Clear view on your financial life. Better understand where your money comes and goes with visualized reports about income, expense by time and category.
Bill reminder: Never miss a bill again! Schedule upcoming bills and get informed before due.
Secure data sync: If you have more than one devices, Money Lover is perfect for you because it works smoothly on different devices and platforms. We encrypted data with the highest level of security - RSA 2048 bit.
Connect to bank accounts: Once linking your bank accounts with Money Lover, it automatically track your expenses/ transactions by to give your full report of your money in bank accounts. All transactions will be arranged in proper category such as Shopping, Transportation or Salary.

Update: You now can link your crypto wallet with Money Lover, including Binance, CoinBase, Bittrex, CoinOne. Hope you enjoy managing all account in one place.

Money Lover has more to it than any other finance, budgeting app!


- Track your debt/ loan and debt collection/ re-payment
- Set events and savings plans to save more money
- Scan receipts and SMS banking, save time when tracking expensess
- Set up recurring transactions & bills like rental, Internet.
- Multiple currencies and wallets (cash, saving accounts, debit card, etc)
- Shared wallets: manage money with your partner or family
- Data backup
- Currency converter
- Dash-clock extension
- In-app Help & Support
- Built-in calculator

Join our community of hundred thousands of PREMIUM users and enjoy:

- Manage more accounts, wallets.
- Unlimited Budgets and Savings, Events
- Sync attached pictures
- Ad-free
- Export transactions to CSV or Excel sheet

Upgrade to Money Lover PREMIUM and stay on top of your money forever.

If you have any question or issue, contact us via in-app Help & Support or email and we’ll get to you ASAP.

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Clarification for Access Permissions:
- Network Communication (Internet Access) is for sync data and get money exchange rate.
- Social Information (Read Contact) is for suggesting “With” to tag your people in your contact list.
- Your Location is for identifying your location of the transaction.
- Storage (modify or delete contents on your USB storage) is for creating and storing backup data to the USB storage.
- Access to System tools is for adding Home screen shortcuts and widget.

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