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TrackerSavvy Pro ★

TrackerSavvy Pro is a cool Android app that will help you organize and manage your day to day life. It of...

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TrackerSavvy Pro is a cool Android app that will help you organize and manage your day to day life.

It offers a weight, water, expenses and time tracker specially designed to be very easy to use and time saver and yet a very powerful and flexible tool.

Weight Tracker
Logs your weight records
• Built-in BMI calculator (Body Mass Index)
Excellent tool while on a diet

Water Tracker
Monitors your daily water intake with a very intuitive interface (by tapping cups to drink them)
Set reminders to help you remember to drink water through the day at customisable intervals
Keeps track of all your past records

Expenses Tracker
Logs your expenses using different categories so that you can easily see where your money is going!
Calculates your current balance
Bill reminder section - allows you to add upcoming payments and we help you by notifying you
Customizable categories

Time Tracker
Logs the time you spend doing different tasks
Easily lets you see where you have been spending most of your time
Customizable categories

Set weight & water goals
Displays the current state of your trackers (current weight, water today, current balance & last task) and displays a preview of your trackers
You can also add your height to use the built-in BMI calculator

Other features
Export the data (CSV)
• SD Card backup and restore
Ability to change the header theme

• "I love the water widget and the ability to add your own categories in the time management section. It is a must have"
• "With life being so busy, it is nice to have a 1,2,3 reminder/input of valuable information. The quick and easy way to record expenses is GREAT!!!"
• "The money budgeting section is really well done, better than other apps I've tried."
• "Excellent app because it has a Weight, Water, Expense, & Time Tracker (easy to use), in one app, eliminating individual apps."

Settings water reminders:
- Go to the water tracker section
- Tap the button on the top right corner
- Select "Reminder"
- On the new popup choose the hours you want to be reminded by editing "From" and "To" options
- Press "Save" to start getting notified!

Accessing the app's settings:
- Press "Menu" from its main screen
- Select "Preferences"

* This version is ad-free plus it has full access to all features.

Please Note: The App2SD card is intentionally deactivated because it would affect the way the water reminders and bill reminders work.

Please e-mail us instead of just leaving a comment, so we can investigate and fix issues. Thank you!

* If you are a "Diet Assistant" user, your weight records will be transferred over to this app.


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April 20, 2018

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