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Bingung berapa nilai pajak penghasilan pribadi (PPh 21) Anda ? Kini tersedia Kalkulator PPh 21 untuk membant...


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Bingung berapa nilai pajak penghasilan pribadi (PPh 21) Anda ?
Kini tersedia Kalkulator PPh 21 untuk membantu Anda.
Cukup masukkan penghasilan Anda per bulan,
kemudian set status Anda :
1. Bulan mulai dan berakhir kerja.
2. Status pribadi : Tidak Kawin (TK) atau Kawin (K).
3. Jumlah Tanggungan.
4. Setting "Tidak Punya NPWP" bagi yang belum memiliki NPWP.
5. Pilihan "Gross up" untuk yang ada tunjangan pajak.

Fitur :
1. Histori Gaji untuk akses cepat nilai-nilai yang pernah di-input.
2. PTKP (Penghasilan Tidak Kena Pajak) 2013 terbaru,
. PTKP sebelum 2013 tetap support.

[ English ]

This application for calculating personal tax for Indonesian locals, not applicable for expats.
With several status settings :
1. Month Start and Stop working.
2. Marital Status.
3. Number of dependents.
4. "NPWP" or "No NPWP" option, NPWP is Indonesian Personal Tax Number.
5. Support "Gross up" methods, a method that include tax in the wages.

Features :
1. Save previous input wages histories for quick access.
2. New goverment tax cut for 2013 added, still support before 2013 tax cut.

Next update
- Multi month entry, request from "Heng Key".
- Export to SPT form, request by an user.

Change logs
version 2.1.4
- new Feedback/Wishlist added.
- new Input Entry to replace default keyboard.

version 2.1.1
- fixed "Menu" bug on 21st March.

version 2.0.8
- two columns for landscape on HD Tablets.

version 2.0.7
- fixed recently crashes.
- larger font for HD Tablets.

version 2.0.6
- added display selected options.
- fixed "PPh masa sebelumnya" calculation,
thanks "Herianto Yeo" for noting it.
- fixed minor display orientation error.

version 2.0.1 - 2.0.3
- fixed minor bugs.

version 2.0
- new "PTKP" option for 2013 and 2012 before.
- added 'slide' function to change screens.
- new theme mode : Night Mode and Day Light.
- added support for larger screen (tablet).

version 1.5
- added history function.
- change new layout.
- update weblink.

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for future better and still free apps!

Graphic & Icon
- Hendy W.

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