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CIA - Global Caller ID & Block

CIA - Identify who calls you on your mobile phone CIA - Find call information on over 1.5 billion numbers ...


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CIA - Identify who calls you on your mobile phone
CIA - Find call information on over 1.5 billion numbers
CIA - Caller Identification App™

Perfect! Most useful application in my phone. Thank you!”
Great app! Tells you who’s calling and gives you the name and address. Love it!”
Best app I know! I have used before and I use it now... I would recommend this to everyone.”

Who is calling? Imagine answering a call – or receiving a missed call – from a person or a company you have never talked to before.

With the CIA you can immediately see who this caller is. CIA shows the name, address and other details right on your screen, while the phone is still ringing. This means you can prepare yourself properly for the call, or even decide not to take it. Priceless!

CIA gives you Caller ID on all calls, about private persons as well as businesses. Search phone numbers, block spam callers and identify who’s calling, while the call is happening!

More than 45 million people use CIA to identify who calls them. The vast majority of our users are Android users or iPhone users.

We NEVER upload your contact list to make it searchable or public, without your explicit consent to join our crowd sourced “Numbers Sharing Club”.

CALLER ID: Don’t wonder about who is calling you, if you don’t have the number in your contact list. With CIA - Caller Identification App you can now identify a caller in real time.
BLOCK CALLERS: Avoid annoying telemarketers, scam calls and other spam callers by blocking their number with CIA - Caller ID App.
SEARCH NUMBERS: Identify name, address or business information of the person or company behind a number. With CIA - Caller Identification App you can identify contact information on over 1.5 billion callers’ numbers worldwide!
BACKUP CONTACTS: Tired of losing contacts when you switch to a new phone? With CIA Caller ID App’s Backup function, you will never lose a contact’s number again.
UPDATE CONTACTS: Easily add numbers to enrich your phone’s contact list with name and address information. With CIA - Caller Identification App you can add new numbers and profiles for callers that you want to keep in your phone book.
REPUTATION CHECK: Want to know what other people name you in their phone books? With CIA Caller ID App’s ‘Reputation Check’ you can see nicknames people have given you in their contact lists
➢ MY PROFILE: Manage the name other users see, when you call them by updating your profile in CIA Caller Identification App. Delete unwanted nicknames in our database information to maintain a clean and flawless reputation.
SCREEN SETTINGS: In the app settings you can choose which screens to show, choose the location of the caller ID window and choose for how long you want the information display to show.

EASDP European Awards 2012
German Directory Publisher Award 2012/ Deutscher Verzeichnismedien Preis 2012
EIDQ Innovation Challenge Winner 2011
Highly commended at the Mobile Messaging Awards 2011
Global Mobile Award 2010 for Best Mobile Internet Service

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CIA app NEVER uploads your phonebook to make it searchable or public, unless you explicitly join our ’Numbers Sharing Club’. You can join or quit the club at any time by adjusting the settings in the app. 3G or WIFI is required for CIA App to work properly. Operator charges may apply.

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