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CIA - Free Caller ID App

Imagine answering a call – or receiving a missed call – from a person or a company you have never talked to be...


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Imagine answering a call – or receiving a missed call – from a person or a company you have never talked to before. With CIA (Caller Identification App), you can see immediately who this caller is. CIA shows the name, address and other details right on your screen, while the phone is still ringing. It means you can prepare yourself properly for the call, or even decide not to answer it.

The CIA provides you with:
• 100% free caller identification.

Unlimited access to the world’s largest collection of names and numbers – including access to over 1.3 billion persons and businesses.

Get social results. CIA not only offers you regular caller ID, but also the caller’s social network profiles including Facebook and LinkedIN.

Block spam calls: Get rid of annoying tele-marketers by marking the number as spam. CIA will block the number when it calls you again. Furthermore you will also get to see when other CIA users have marked a caller as spam too.

Add contacts to your address book: CIA’s ‘Update Contacts’ feature lets you add new numbers and profiles to your existing address book.

Send callers to voicemail: You can use the ‘Call Blocker’ feature to divert calls from withheld numbers straight to your voicemail. You can also add specific numbers you want to divert.

Find alternative businesses: Trying to call and not getting through? CIA will suggest other businesses for you to try.

See a caller’s Facebook status: Link the app with your Facebook account and see your friend’s status and photo when they call.

Find a name: You can type a number into the CIA database and get the name behind it.

Still reading? Go ahead and download – and enjoy the app ;-)

New features:
Reputation Check and your Personal CallerID Control
Have you ever wondered what other people name you in their phone books? And how many nicknames you’ve got? With the new CIA Reputation Check you can easily see under which nicknames people have saved you in their contact lists.

CIA makes it easy to control what CallerID appears when you make a call. Simply set your personal CallerID under ‘My Profile’ and delete unwanted nicknames in the ‘Reputation Check’ to maintain a clean and flawless reputation.

New improved user interface and layout:
With the introduction of the new design we have focused on a more user friendly layout. It makes it easier and faster for you to navigate. The new graphics, colors and images provide you with a more professional, sophisticated and clean layout.

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