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Lime 2: WEB-Browser

* Try it a new, juicy summer Lime 3! - [](


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* Try it a new, juicy summer Lime 3! - []( *

Is important for all of us access to the Internet: fast, and at the same time comfortable. The tabs not close when you exit to pages open instantly and looked good. That's why we built a browser that fits anyone and everyone!

New colors, design, function. Compatible with ART KitKat. Even more convenient, faster and better!

It has all you need, namely:

Comfortable tabs and location of components - everything is at hand;
Intuitive interface - even a child will understand;
Fast loading PDA and WEB-pages;
Full support for CSS3, HTML5 and other popular standards;
Search directly from the address input field;
Smart caching system (often open the site will load faster by 85%!);
Incognito mode with full protection from surveillance and quick closing;
Keeping tabs (not cleared even when you restart your device!);
Easy opening last closed tabs holding the "+";
Close tabs by long pressing;
Launched browser is in the cache, which saves memory (RAM);
Support for gestures, zoom and full-screen mode;
Quick access to downloads;
The ability to share with friends interesting page on the Internet directly from the browser;
Small app size and low insistence to resources;
And much more!

Lime: Simple. Quickly. Convenient.

If you like our product and you want to thank us, then put the desired amount to our PayPal account: [](

If something does not work - please contact us at E-Mail. Do not put a negative review because it is not speed up the solution of the problem.

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