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It is the stated intention of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Kuwait to innovate and constantly improve the lev...


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It is the stated intention of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Kuwait to innovate and constantly improve the level and variety of services provided to the public. MoI believes it must therefore always keep abreast with the rapid technological developments in the field of smart phones and PDAs. MOI recognizes the importance of these devices in streamlining services and delivering them quickly and intelligently.
As part of this movement MOI has developed the application, "Ministry of Interior - Kuwait". The application includes many service options, all of which have been created with special consideration for the privacy and confidentiality of the user’s personal data. This confidentiality is provided through the adoption of a security system that protects and secures user data. So users can enjoy this application and take advantage of MOI services through their smart devices with confidence in the fact all their data is secure and confidential.
Among the services offered on this application: -
Personal Inquiry Service
Users can query their personal data in several departments by creating their own user name and passwords and use it for the following:
1) Passport inquiry
2) Election inquiry for Kuwaitis
3) Sponsorship inquiry
4) Residency & immigration violations for non-Kuwaitis
5) Visa inquiry
6) Driving licenses inquiry
7) vehicle inquiry
8) Traffic violations inquiry
9) Travel ban inquiry
10) Judgment Execution
Service procedures
This service offers a catalog which identifies the necessary documents and explains the procedures required to accomplish a transaction in the Ministry
Visa status inquiry
MOI News
Safety Phone numbers
Push Notifications
Via this service, General Department of Public Relations will communicate with the public by sending important messages and notifications to subscribers
MOI locations & service centers
Other Services
- Capability of online payment for violations and (E-Payment)
- Capability of subscribing to SMS services

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