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Locks are many but the key to earn money is MAdLock. MAdLock is an Android lock screen application which disp...


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Locks are many but the key to earn money is MAdLock.

MAdLock is an Android lock screen application which displays beautiful ads on the Lock screen of a Smartphone as well as you can earn up-to Rs.300 per month by installing and using it. User will earn by just viewing the ads.

What are you waiting for... A registration bonus of Rs. 10 is available for all users. Take this opportunity and install MAdLock- A Mobile Lock Screen App. Also, refer your friend and earn 10% bonus on your friend's earning. While registration If you add reference code then you will get Rs. 10 as Referral Bonus.

Default Referral Code- 123MAD

Referral System
You are entitled for 10% on your friends "My Earning", which will reflect in your "Referral Earning". You friend who uses your referral code can earn Rs 10 as "Referral Bonus" after successful registration with MAdLock.
So, if your friend earn Rs 2, you will entitled for Rs 0.10 as referral bonus.
So, if you invited 100 friends & they earn Rs 200 as "My Earning", your referral bonus will be 10% on their "My Earning" that is Rs 20 per day, So in that way Rs 600 per month.

Most important thing how you can actually redeem your reward points:

Your MAdLock money will increase on daily basis, which you can check from "MAdLock Manager -> Money" section.

Before Redeem the money, you required to verify your email address.
To Redeem, your "Current Balance" should be Rs 150+.
Redemption process can take 7-10 working days.

You can redeem money in the following ways
1 - Mobile Prepaid Top Up ( Min Balance Rs 150 )
2 - Mobile Bill Payment ( Min Balance Rs 150)
3 - Transfer to your Bank Account ( Min Balance Rs 300 )

For any issue feel free to contact us on [](

All detailed information regarding redemption, FAQs, etc. is available on our website []( and in the app.

Feature List
1. Advertise based on interest areas.
2. Creative Ad Wallpapers for Lock screen.
3. Engage with your favourite ads.
4. Get paid on daily basis
5. Refer your friend to get 10% bonus on his "My Earning"
6. Redeem and spend your Money in the form you wish: mobile balance, bank transfer

1. Install the app from Google Play.
2. Open the app.
3. Sign up with "MAdLock" to get ads & start earning ( Default Referral Code - 123MAD ).
4. Drag the "Lock" right on screen to unlock mobile.
5. Drag the "Lock" left to engage with ads.
6. Refer your friend with "Invite Friend" option, and get 10% bonus on friends "My Earning".
7. Check the latest updates, messages, alerts, tips in "Notification" section.
8. Update your profile to get more accurate ads, from "Profile" section.
9. Update your Interest area, so we can serve you ads related to your interest, from "Interest" section.
10. Check your earning daily from "Money" section.
11. Any feedback, suggestion, issues feel free to contact us on [](

This application is limited for use in India only. Use or access of this application from country other than India is unauthorised.

Enjoy, Engage & Earn using MAdLock.

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