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☀Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ is fabulous widget for your phone. Do you need a unique clock that shows the w...


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Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ is fabulous widget for your phone. Do you need a unique clock that shows the weather temperature? “Climate Weather Clock Widget” is a brand new widget for your phone screen. Weather can be very unpredictable sometimes download these awesome clocks and you will know what’s the weather like outside, is it raining or snowing or is it sunny and dry. Weather conditions will be shown on your screen together with your clock.
10 digital clocks that show the weather forecast, 5 unlocked and 5 locked.
Every day new clock is available.
Put wonderful clock and weather widget on your home screen.
Top widgets of different sizes and shapes.
Easy to use for adults and children.
Add widgets to beautify your screen.

Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ shows weather forecasts for any location. Widget offers five beautiful unlocked and five locked designs. New designs are added every day! Nice little addition for your screen showing current weather conditions is a click away from you. You can find your weather forecast location, select your city, choose the options and customize the screen look in a few clicks. Pick the location and get the additional information about the place you want. Just download “weather widget” and you will know the world weather and local weather. See the high and low daily temperatures and forecast on your screen. Beautifully made HD clock and weather forecast widget!
Everybody needs a clock widget that shows the weather forecast. If you are tired of watching the weather channel get ☀Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ and follow the weather conditions on your screen. This is really the best clock widget! Display weather on your screen for any city in the world, displays that change night into day (and vice versa) with every sunrise and sunset.
Want to have awesome “digital clock widget” on your screen? ☀Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ is easy to use widget which lets you create great phone screen only in a few clicks! And not only it shows the time, it also shows the current weather conditions. Just select favorite design and get spectacular high quality widget for your new Samsung Galaxy phone screen. Weather widget is a weather plugin that displays local weather on your screen at a location of your choice. Unlike other weather widgets ☀Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ determines the most accurate weather information.
Climate Weather Clock Widget ☀ shows beautiful, fully animated weather conditions directly on your home screen. Weather temperature will be displayed in Celsius or in Fahrenheit degrees so you can see whether it’s warm or cold. Get the best “widgets for Android™” device and decorate your screen!
Clock widget” is an amazing widget for Android™ phones that shows the weather forecast. It shows accurate and beautiful weather forecasts without worrying about any complicated configurations. Get additional data like humidity, precipitation, pressure, wind speed and visibility and find out what the weather actually feels like outside. Put a weather forecast on your screen for any city in the world.
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Aug. 2, 2018

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