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Traffic Racer Free Car Game

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Recommendation Game Brewery Management Game

Why don’t you Download and try it once? It’s free!!

Traffic Racer Car Game is an exciting car racing game with simple game plan where car control and speed are the ultimate factors to enjoy. However, despite its simple algorithm, it is quite challenging to master the optimum control on car motion.

Highway Traffic Racer Overtaking Car Games offers a vehicle driving frenzy with twist & tweaks and keep your kids busy on long road trips.

Have you ever enjoyed reckless racing on a jam-packed road? It is dangerous and should never be practiced in reality but what if you can enjoy the overtaking fever at your fingertips? Highway Traffic Racing is a challenging traffic overtaking game you can play on your android device that will offer you unlimited car game ecstasy at no life risk!

How to play the game?

You can control the vehicle by simple tapping on break and accelerator. Otherwise, you can tilt your device to control the car speed on the driving track amidst of traffic rush. You can enjoy virtually the frenzy of extreme pick-up driving against 4 detailed environments: Desert, City, Highway, Extreme Desert and more will be added soon.

There are lots of exciting activities you can enjoy besides furious vehicle driving: you can change your vehicle, change your cars tires, as well as you can change your car color depending on your success and consistent performance in this traffic racing game. One warning: beware of collision with other cars on the road, otherwise you will lose the game and have to start your car driving again from the beginning.

Game features:

Before you download the Nitro Car Traffic Racing Game, take a look at the rocking features of the extreme car driving game at your fingertips so that you can enjoy this racing fever at its full swing:

+ Attractive but easy to navigate user interface,
+ You can select your racing car out of 6 exciting models, 6 types of car tires, and so on….
+ You can upgrade your sports car by performing well in the car racing game: start playing with the free racing car and upgrade into latest version,
+ You can enjoy the car racing with one touch control on break and accelerator: you can control the car’s motion by tilting the device too.
+ There are 4 exciting themes: City , Desert, Highway,..
+ There is stimulating music at the backdrop of the extreme car driving game that enhances its racing dynamics with its rhythm and ecstasy!

Download the app Nitro Car Traffic Racing Car Game at your android device and start enjoying furious car racing at your fingertips! There are plenty of twist and tweaks in the game that will keep you engrossed for long on your android device!

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