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If you want to enjoy clean, fresh and clear water running out of your tap, pay your attention to the eSpring™ ...


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If you want to enjoy clean, fresh and clear water running out of your tap, pay your attention to the eSpring™ water treatment system by Amway. It is officially proven that eSpring™ purifies water from 145 types of contaminants which are dangerous for people’s health. This hi-tech product by Amway is popular and famous all over the world as well as iCook™, Nutrilite™, and ARTISTRY™ brands.
Water purification consists of four stages. The pre-filter removes most of particulates (sand, rust, seaweed, etc.). The activated pressed carbon block made of coconut shell removes 145 types of potentially dangerous contaminants as well as reduces unpleasant odor and taste. At the end water is processed by the UV light and then it is decontaminated. eSpring™ UV-bulb eliminates up to 99,99% of known bacteria and viruses which are in the water and may cause different diseases. It is important that after purification the calcium and magnesium concentration in the water remains practically the same. These are the elements that are responsible for certain taste of the highest water quality. Along with iCook™, Nutrilite™, and ARTISTRY™ products, eSpring™ is a product for a healthy lifestyle.
One cartridge of eSpring™ system by Amway lasts for 5,000 liters, in other words, approximately 1000 standard large 5-liter bottles. This cartridge can be easily replaced in just a few minutes. The system will alert you when it’s time for replacement. While operation mode, the system consumes 60 W; while standby mode – only 2W.
eSpring™ by Amway, as well as iCook™, Nutrilite™ and ARTISTRY™ products, embodied complex scientific projects within itself. For example, it is the first system that uses US patented combination of carbon block and UV-lamp with the system of electronic monitoring. The combination of these technologies makes eSpring™ system unique. The eSpring™ work process is shown on the LED display with user-friendly symbols in order to inform about the left uptime of the filter and the overall system condition. The eSpring™ system of electronic monitoring by Amway is one more advanced technology that sets the given system apart from others. It alerts in case of any problem, i.e., if UV-bulb doesn’t work. This system informs if the cartridge needs replacing. It is very convenient as far as the system tracks everything on its own and gives not only audio but also visual signals.
The water treatment system uses carbon block to remove particles, chlorine taste and odor, health-effect contaminants, in particular lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds and methyl-tret-butyl-ether, which are added to gasoline, improving the water transparency in such a way. During the specific heating process, carbon is “activated” which leads to creation of thousands of pores within it. It increases the carbon’s active surface that can catch contaminants. The patented carbon block filter catches microparticles which are three times smaller than human’s hair as well as filters up to 5000 liters of water per year which is enough for a family of six people.
The usage of the UV light technology takes eSpring™ by Amway to the new higher level in comparison with other water treatment systems by allowing doing what cannot be achieved only with a carbon filter – eliminate microorganisms. One more technology, which was used for the first time in the eSpring™ system and is its unique feature (patented in the USA), is wireless (inductive electronic) connection of the UV lamp and the system. It allows isolating the UV lamp from the energy source completely. The eSpring™ system by Amway is very reliable as far as there are no hard-wired electric connections which simplifies cartridge replacement and protects the construction. Products of this brand, as well as products of iCook™, Nutrilite™ and ARTISTRY™, are the embodiment of modern technologies and care about consumers.

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July 30, 2018

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