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Products of ARTISTRY™ brand first appeared in the 60-s, in the times of rock’n’roll, and the cosmetics package...


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Products of ARTISTRY™ brand first appeared in the 60-s, in the times of rock’n’roll, and the cosmetics package was therefore made in white and turquoise hues to keep with the spirit of that epoch. The first markets where these products could be found were in the USA and Canada. The founders of the ARTISTRY™ brand – owners of the Nutrilite ™ company – were researchers and innovators Carl and Edith Rehnborg.
In 1972, the ARTISTRY ™ brand extended its range of products and released a line of face care products. In 1976, this brand entered the world market launching a full range of cosmetics for the representatives of different countries and nationalities. Several years later the research and development department of ARTISTRY™ moved to the Amway headquarters. In the early years of its formation, the products of the brand were manufactured at the plant Nutrilite™ in Buena Park, California, where Nutrilite products were produced.
1972 - broadening the range of skin care products. That year ARTISTRY™ presented a complete collection of skin care products to meet the needs of all types of skin.
1976 - a significant year for ARTISTRY™ and Amway. That year a complete range of cosmetic products for different countries and nations of the world were launched. ARTISTRY™ products paved the way to new markets owing to the new collections of decorative cosmetics with colours specially designed for a wide variety of skin tones.
1980 – changing the package design – it became blue and silver with a butterfly logo symbolizing the magical transformation. During those years ARTISTRY™ was growing and changing faster than the Rehnborgs could imagine. The interest towards healthy lifestyle, natural products and cosmetic products based on natural ingredients was increasing throughout the world. The Nutrilite™ brand by Amway also won a special place in the health industry. eSpring™ and iCook™ trademarks were also famous all over the world.
1984 – investments to the development. In Ada, Michigan, Amway opened a cosmetics factory worth several million US dollars. In 1985, ARTISTRY ™ products were sold in 13 countries around the world. In 1986, Amway made the fundamental strategic decision – to start distributing ARTISTRY ™ products in Japan. This country immediately became a key market. Later, eSpring ™, Nutrilite and iCook™ sales started in different countries of the world.
1993 – ARTISTRY ™ products by Amway appeared on the market fully updated both inside and outside: these were formulas and packages of the new generation. The line included more than 200 new and improved cosmetic products.
2000 – Amway scientists challenged time and a new line of products for mature skin care TIME DEFIANCE entered the market. ARTISTRY, as well as eSpring™, Nutrilite and iCook ™, became a leader in the field of advanced technologies. Due to the continuous improvement of formulas, packages and marketing strategies, ARTISTRY ™ became one of the top five leading trademarks – manufacturers of the most prestigious and popular face care products and decorative cosmetics in the world.
2008 – a new product Creme LuXury, the highest achievement in the field of mature skin care, was first introduced to the market. Amway specialists used cardiolipin force in this product. In 2012, the Australian actress Teresa Palmer, a rising Hollywood star, became the face of the brand ARTISTRY™.
The ARTISTRY™ staff includes more than 500 scientists, engineers and technical workers. The research laboratories of ARTISTRY™ Institute conduct tests on different types of skin to achieve ultimate efficiency and safety of the final product. ARTISTRY™, as well as eSpring ™, iCook ™ products and Nutrilite vitamins, is one of the Amway key brands.

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